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but I lost the note

…got a really complimentary email from Alex at East of the Web saying he’d like to put a couple more of my stories up on his site. This is good news as the last two that went on the site got a huge positive response.

He also suggested I submit a 500 word themed story for the EOTW/Wordia hyperfiction project, so I wrote a story last night called but I lost the note, and I sent it off. I’m not sure they’ll accept it though, it’s oblique, fragmentary and open-ended. One of mine, in other words.

I’d like to submit another one, maybe push the boat out and spend a full evening writing it, but I can’t afford the time as I’ve only got two chapters of the gods to complete, and that takes precedence.

Apart from that, my days are sunny and clear, and my nights are disrupted with strange dreams. The opposite to how things usually are.

I need to speak with Della.

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