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After yesterday’s mild rant at the limitations of radio arts programmes, I put on the TV this morning and watched Sky News instead, and then sat in the garden to enjoy a bright morning, a breakfast of coffee and chocolate and watching leaves fall from the trees.

Starlight is hunting, but with no luck, a squawking alarm call sending the last of the summer’s birds into the sky.

Meeting Jackson this afternoon for tea and a muffin, got some birthday presents for him; books mainly, and a letter I’ve written. Don’t know if he’s still planning to go to Japan this autumn; his girl has gone down to Oxford and I think they’re very close, so I don’t know how it’ll affect him. He’ll be ok, I think.

Thinking about trading in my little VW for something bigger and cheaper, something with space for the new dog I’m always planning to buy, but never do.

First, I need to go and rake the leaves into a pile.

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