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Fine rain.
A soft day, as Brady would describe it.

Got in about eight, fed the puss, warmed some soup and ate it with a nice bun, and then sat down and managed to write about fifteen lines.

No time to take a walk, no time to write properly either, it seems, though what I did write managed to surprise me.

East of the Web got back to me and they’re going to use but I lost the note, the 500 word story I submitted for their Hyperfiction project. I didn’t think I’d done enough work on it, hadn’t burnished it properly, but it appears acceptable, which is fine by me.

There’s a link to it: http://www.eastoftheweb.com/interactive/index.php?p=interactive/story/757 and it appears to be a sort of carousel, where you can leap from story to story via key words.

The Hyperfiction idea reminds me of an online music project called In Bb (google it) which allows you to create unique pieces of music from recorded performances by musicians, all playing in the key of Bb. It’s a lovely project and if the Hyperfiction is in any way as successful as that, I’d be really pleased.

Anyway, I’m tired, it’s dark, and Starlight is purring at my shoulder, so I’m off.

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