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A walk in the woods

Went for a walk and some wild camping with my man Wilson, over the weekend.

I got a huge blister on my foot, and it was very wet. It rained solid for two days, sheets of it drifting across the reservoir. We wild-camped on Saturday night but I couldn’t properly work out how to set up my tent, and it got dark and I forgot my torch, and the plantation trees above our heads shrieked with the wind, all night.

I lay in my sleeping bag, in my crappy tent, from 7.30 pm, with only the light of my mobile phone for company. No signal. I thought good thoughts about my girl and wished I’d stayed at home. From about 2-3 am on Sunday morning it stopped raining but then it started again and just got steadily heavier.

The second day was wetter, and windier than the first. When I got home, I dumped my boots by the front door, and they’re still there. I can’t look at them.

But now, a couple of days later, I’m sitting with Starlight on my lap, trying to write and it doesn’t seem so bad.

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