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Most of the longer pieces on my website are works-in-process. After I realised that the gods needs a total rewrite I went back and looked at the other stuff on my website, and this is what I found:

Grendel reads quite well, as far as it goes – chatty, fun and fairly linear – and I’m going to try and complete it next year.

Murton Passport is going to get a make-over too; I’ve discovered a plot hidden in there that I think I can tease out. But I’m not doing it for a while.

And the short stories can wait.

Thing is, I need an editor, but I don’t have one. I can’t ask any friends to do it, not even friends who are writers, like E, or Lishman, because they’re too close to me to do it properly; they care too much and they’d pull their punches. Also, this stuff is what I do for pleasure, so I don’t know if I’d want someone pulling it to pieces; I’d prefer to just slug away on my own.

And when I’ve written commercial pieces there’s always been an editor, a copy-editor, or whoever, saying Yes! No! or Change this bit! Don’t use ‘and’ so much!

But all I have is hindsight. So, a year or two after I’ve written something I might realise that it needs rewriting at least one more time.

Which sucks.

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