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mixed veg

Maybe the last blog but one was a bit heavy. Fact is, I’m not a violent person, and all I have trouble with is speaking my mind; it’s no biggie.

But looking back at my stories, where the subject is mentioned at all, I find that most of my characters come from dysfunctional families, and a lot have missing fathers. A lot of them are trying to create new families from the wreckage of old.

And Charles Bukowski, referring to his own abusive upbringing, said ‘my father taught me to write’.

I dunno. But maybe, just maybe, I’m trying to create something new for myself with my writing. Or maybe I’m trying to reclaim my space.

Anyway, enough mulling things over. I’m busy cooking, while watching a 60’s movie – Matt Helm, a sort of prototype Austin Powers, and just as tongue in cheek – and my soup is starting to boil over the top of the pan.

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