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Maybe I should explain the rules of Urban Trekking. Most of us don’t have easy access to the foothills of the Pyrennees, or even the Peak District, and walking for pleasure, in pleasurable locations, isn’t always possible.

Hence, Urban Trekking. You can do it in a day, a half day, or even a couple of hours. You don’t have to carry a tent or wear stout leather boots, you can stop over in a pub. Or get the bus home. And the cool thing is you do it close to where you live. And it gets you fit.

Anyhow, the rules. You must encounter …

1.Something ugly, and preferably made of concrete: a carpark, a 60’s office block, a subway. Something like that.

2. Heritage: a church, a library. Something of at least faint historical interest.

3. The underclass: this includes all breeds of pit-bull. It makes the Trek interesting.

4. Some nature. A field. A cow. A Land Rover. Whatever.

5. A motorway or, at the very least, a dual carriageway.

The idea is to mix the ugly and beautiful, experience the old and new, thrill to the yin/yang explosion of heritage meeting 60’s brutalist architecture-vandalism; healthy outdoor pursuits combined with the thrill of being chased by Staffys, or chavs on BMXs.

Anyway, that’s Urban Trekking. Anyone can spend a night in a haunted castle, but who dares walk through a council estate as twilight descends? In a cagoule?

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