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Online Cultural Magazine

The online cultural magazine idea is almost fully developed.

Some of the column ideas:

The Gwent Jykmel column – a radical/political film review column.
Sex Therapy – fetish of the month.
Airpocket Anarchy – techniques for developing a cultural airpocket in the Poseidon Adventure of contemporary life.
Life at the Museum – Ironic, angry, hyper-smart, sapphic museum curator writes a lifestyle column.
Language watch – where we dissect the latest PC language madness.
Spotlight on a European Micro-City of Culture – eg King’s Lynn, Darlington, Esberg.
Analogue gems – a celebration of those things we love, that you don’t need a computer to enjoy.
Monthly Cultural Awards (don’t know if this will be for good, or bad, or plain stupid things).

Jim the catholic anarchist might be doing a football column too, if I can get in touch with him out in the wilds of the north. He doesn’t have a mobile phone, or email, so it might be a bit problematic.

And, of course, Lishman is arranging some outstanding political interviews – we’ve got a hit-list of people we’d like to talk to. (Should I use the phrase ‘hit-list’ in today’s climate of online terrorism?(Actually, should I use the phrase ‘online terrorism’ in todays’…?))

There are other unconfirmed articles and column ideas we’d like to develop, and lots of micro-articles we’ll chuck onto the pyre as we see fit.

Anyway, we’re hoping for a rolling start from Easter: once we get going we’re going to try and get some writing competitions going too.

We’ve got a title sorted out but I’m keeping quiet on that for the moment, in case someone pinches it. So I won’t be writing any fiction for a while, unless EOTW get back to me about that serial novel.

I’m excited about it.

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