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At my little table, working on the NHS job, while watching a documentary about dogs, and it’s all good. Starlight has left the room in feline disgust.

This NHS thing, it seems that most of what I’m doing is layout. That’s fine though because I know nothing about the business of health, so I can only use what they give me on that score. I’m not adding anything. All I have to do is set it out in a colour-coded sequence, add some blurry images of ‘blues n twos’ and maybe the odd shot of someone in scrubs or a smiling biddy being pushed in a wheelchair, and then give it back for an initial viewing.

I’ve got so much stuff on at the moment, but I don’t really mind.

It’s ironic really, me doing all this stuff, because when I was at school, they wouldn’t let me take art or any of the design subjects, and my English teacher wouldn’t even put me in for the exam because he reckoned I’d embarrass him.

I didn’t go to uni either. Not at first. Not until some years after leaving school, when I decided to learn some stuff, and enrolled myself on a couple of part time courses. Ended up with a Masters Degree.

So here I am designing booklets for government departments, and answering emails from readers of my short stories as far apart as Germany, America, Australia and Singapore.

Educational failure?


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