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missing keys

My laptop is three years old; ancient. I got Gav the IT guy to build it for me with the money I got from a Guardian article (£1200 plus £900 every time it got optioned – which was, erm, once) and it’s served me faithfully.

But the battery has failed completely, the track pad is wearing away, and there are bits of peanuts jammed beneath the keys, from where I’d try and write while drinking, and snacking.

Plus the ‘O’ key has disappeared, leaving me with a residual soft rubber nib that I have to push in quite a deliberate way to make it work. Totally throws me off my rhythm, hence my lack of blog entries in the last fornight.

So I have to buy a new computer. Been putting off for months, I know what I want, and how much it is going to cost – all I have to do is visit the Mac shop and open my wallet.


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