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Jazz Club

Played a gig with Thelonious Punk last night.

Went down really well, and the consensus seemed to be that we’d played better than ever, which is insane, ‘cos we’re so loose it’s unbelieveable; songs just morph into other songs, and we’ve only ever rehearsed about 8 numbers in total, which we normally spread over two sets, though we often end up playing stuff we’ve never practised or played before. No one really knows what they’re doing, we just busk it.

I try to invoke Dexter Gordon, if he was white, and crap, but I usually fail even at that. But last night Special K, our new drummer, even asked me if I’d been practising, which I took as a huge compliment ‘cos he’s the best musician in the band, able to play drums, sax, trumpet, keyboards and other stuff. And he reads music too!

We only did one set this time, cos there was a rock band on after us, but I’m pleased to say that only T-Punk got free beer, and £50, too. 


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