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Had to get up in the middle of the night due to an asthma attack.

I always know when I’m getting asthma in my sleep as it gets dark in my dreams.

Used my inhaler, made myself a coffee and watched a docu on TV about the Normans who, it appears, were a bunch of medieval stone-killer takeover-artists and empire builders. I then switched over to watch the BBC 24 hour news channel. There I watched some talking heads discussing the EU parliament, an organisation which is sort of like the Normans, but wearing cord pants and spectacles instead of chain mail and spears.

Takeover artists and empire builders nevertheless.

Anyhow, I got to thinking about what makes us civilised, as you do at half three in the morning when you can’t breathe properly. Here’s a very short version of my list:

  • Municipal parks. 
  • A local library. 
  • Clean toilet facilities.

Just realised that the above are all inanimate. Ok, parks contain living things but the park itself is just a place. My list is all venues, in fact. Maybe that makes me a bit autistic. Should I have included some sort of sentiment in my list? Empathy? Good manners? Affection?

Naah. Get the venues right and the sentiments will follow.

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