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Caul Shivers

I’m a huge fan of Joe Abercombie’s work. Shades of good and evil ripple and dapple across the page. No character is all good, or all bad, and I find myself rooting for most of them at some point or other, no matter how heinous their previous behaviour.Red Country, his latest novel, saw the sort-of redemption of my favourite character Caul Shivers. In a scene that almost came straight from end of the movie The Outlaw Joey Wales, Caul decides to walk away from revenge, leaving the feared warrior Logan to live in peace with his adopted family.

But throughout the course of the books, all of the characters seem to have gotten darker. Few of them make the right decisions. Logan Ninefingers, given this final chance by Shivers, turns back to darkness instead – over the course of four novels he’s gone from being a sort of likeable berserker into someone with a very dark destiny.

Caul Shivers on the other hand, went from being someone trying to be good to someone content with being bad. Then he almost did something good.

I need more.
Really can’t wait two years.

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