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everyone’s a critic

My girl Ruthie never reads anything that I write; she’s not interested. Every now and again she’ll glance at something I’m working on but mainly it’s not something we share.Out of the blue the other day she said she thought she should take an interest in my writing so I dug out The Heaven Field on my kindle (my original MS got eaten up the first time my macbook went to crap) and she scanned the first chapter, clicking through each of the pages after a gap of two or three seconds, then put it down. I left the kindle with her that night and, tonight, I found it lying exactly where she’d placed it.

Unimpressed, I guess.

Anyway, prior to giving her the Heaven Field to read, I read through the first sixty-odd pages myself and thought, wow, when did I manage to write this good? I mean, there are errors – errors I can’t change as I don’t have the MS to edit – and there are simple typos I’d love to change, but mainly it reads as I want it to read.

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