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you know that it would be untrue

I remember Foss playing Riders on the Storm during a thunderstorm when we both lived at 7 The Esplanade West.

He turned the music up full, opened the window and sat on the ledge, hanging out of the third floor window and quickly getting so soaked that his blifter got all soggy and went out.

A nearby crack of thunder and he fell off the window ledge into a tree in the garden below, scratched and winded but otherwise unharmed.

He got off the drugs and became a counsellor, but then got back on the drugs, and never escaped them after that.

There was a crazy, gleeful, desperate energy in his worldview, he was a liar and a thief and a general do-wrong, he’d steal your girl and then borrow money from you to take her out, and he’d never pay you back, but he could also be perceptive and thoughtful and tender, he was a great conversationalist too, and sometimes I think he had the mix about right.

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