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In an attempt to deal with my chronic migraines in a way that doesn’t involve strong medication, I started meditating again the last couple of weeks, in particular practicing mindfulness. And it’s great; really clears the head. However, it’s also led to serious lucid dreaming, to the point where my dreams are, to all intents, ‘real’ – in my dreams it really feels like I’m awake. Only the lack of logic and/or continuity of what I’m experiencing lets me know I’m dreaming, and then I just let go and I wake up.

Except one time I woke, but I was still dreaming.

Anyhow last night I was out walking through the park to the beach doing my ‘mindfulness’ as a walked, when somehow, the mindfulness began to merge with my dream-state and it began to feel like I was actually dreaming, but I wasn’t. But how could I be sure? So I tracked through the events of the day and yes, I could account for the entire journey of my day, and no nothing strange had happened, so I wasn’t dreaming, but it was hard ot shake the feeling.


And the migraines? They’ve got worse.


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