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I’m on holiday from the day job this coming week so tonight I bent busking with my tenor, just for an hour or so, and for some reason it sounded really good. It wasn’t so much my playing as the entire feel; the place was buzzing with lots of students and families, and happy drunks and stuff; at one point I had some happy drunk guys singing and dancing to Tequila (not one I usually play, tbh).

Then a copper came along and told me I needed a licence. He was really nice, almost apologetic, he even smiled when I began playing the theme from the Sweeney, and he said to keep playing that night, but he said that in future I’d needed to pay several hundred pounds to the council for the pleasure of making a racket to drunks. He wouldn’t want to nick me but the CCTV would spot me and he’d be forced to.

Toward the end, a guy came over and complimented my playing: he was slim, with white blonde curly hair and a lovely face and I thought afterwards, maybe he was an angel, but either way, it was a fun night.

Oh, and I wrote a bit today too!


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