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work and play

Until July I was working supply in a school, what they call a ‘substitute’ teacher in America (teaching English, if you’re interested – I went through a phase of studying back in my twenties and ended up with a masters). I’ve done lots of jobs like this over the last few years: in the spring I was working in a behavioural unit, before that I was in a college, and so on. I’m good at the job, the money isn’t bad and the department was fine, as they mostly are, but I’ve no intention of doing it again. Sitting in a hot classroom with twenty-five hormonal, reluctant academics is not my idea of fun. Oh, it’s fun of sorts, it’s just not what I’d prefer to do during the day. I kept thinking, I could be writing now, or I could be out on the street somewhere, playing dubious saxophone and earning money.

So I determined to do no more full time teaching and in July I quit, forever.

And now I’m thinking, hmmm…

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