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I’m extremely right-brained, which means I tend to understand things from the outside in – I like to know context and purpose, say, before you introduce me to the details  – and sometimes I never get far enough in to really understand.

Also, I think in metaphors and analogies.

On the flip side I’m not so constrained as many people are, in terms of what I dare think or do. My natural state of mind is on the edge of chaos, which is not unusual in itself, but it’s a place where I’m very comfortable, which is, I think, unusual. I’m sure there are millions of potentially great writers out there who will never write a single story because their lives run on rails and writing is away off in a place where the rails don’t run, or they won’t step outside of the constraints of the role that society has given them, or maybe they’d be embarrassed to even declare an interest in becoming a writer.

For me, it’s simple: I’m an adequate writer, but I dare to do it.

I can’t not.


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