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Said this before, but I don’t watch TV. I think it’s probably the single reason why I have time to write. That and cycling to MaccyDs around 5.15 every morning.

I don’t use Netflix or any similar platform, I deleted FB and messenger a good while ago because nothing good was coming out of them, I don’t do snapchat or just about any other media, save for this blog and my email account. I have an iPhone 5s but I’m going to downgrade that to an old Morotola Razr as soon as my pal Ivan finds his old one in the loft.

Mainly, the more media I use, the more static I gather, until the static becomes the only message I hear. So I use less.

My one digital vice is youtube: audio books and podcasts. I blitzed the James Bond series a while back and I still love the original texts a tiny bit more than the movies. I listened to the entire Jeeves and Wooster novels and plan to return to them when the dust settles, and I love the John Buchan Huntingtower novels that I listened to last year. Mostly though, with novels, I prefer the page to the earbud.

So mostly it’s podcasts. And I’m currently listening to a lot of Nassim Taleb. Taleb is a wonderful and often opaque thinker, he does not stoop to appeal to others and he’s impatient of those who choose to replace thinking with posturing. Another impatient and brilliant thinker I enjoy is the economist Mark Blyth, whose often startling working-class, zero-bullshit worldview I completely recognise. Then there’s Joe Rogan who, along with his acolytes and offshoots, is great for at least four hours a week of headphones-in background chat while I’m writing or editing.

Between those and few others, I have the soundtrack to my writing.


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