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.50 cal

Been working on a story for the lads at the breakfast club, which will take care of 2019’s Christmas presents. It’s called .50 cal and it’s the third book in the Barrett series. Still haven’t written the second book, but that can wait.

I got lots of good technical information and ‘colour’ from Nigel, who’s a former army helicopter pilot, and the story is developing nicely. 34,000 words in, and should be done before I reach 50,000.

I’ll leave it to simmer, return to it in September and edit it. Complete it by November and voila, Christmas presents done.

It’s a sort of cottage industry.



update: completed the first draft last night, so that’s the ‘make shit up’ part done. Now comes the process of editing it into something readable, but that can wait til Autumn. DN1 comes first.

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