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Monthly Archives: February 2019



Sitting in the garden this morning as the sun broke the horizon, I thought I could smell the first hint of Spring. It’s early, but there’s been hardly any snow at all this year.

People say the mild winters are due to anthropogenic climate change, but I remain sceptical: two millennia ago we had the Roman warming, a thousand years ago we had the Medieval warming (both times they were successfully growing vines in England – and in the Medieval warming it was so mild they were farming in the middle of Greenland) so we’re due another period of mild weather. We also had two mini-ice-ages in the last five hundred years, in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, when rivers were frozen and the snow lasted from October until May. So a spell of mild winters isn’t outside the bounds of this pattern.

Either way, I could smell Spring.

I checked my trees and saw there were tiny buds on the branches.





DN1 cover


New cover of Dealer No. 1.

Click title or image for link to Amazon:











Image created by Lucas.


leg up


After 6 months of hobbling and after seeing 6 assorted medic-types, one of them 3 times, I finally got a physio who sorted my knee, so I’m able to walk, if not perfectly, but walk. And it’s improving.


So, back to the plan. Got a book to complete, and another to edit. Lucas is designing two covers for me – she’s done a couple recently and they’re excellent – the work-in-progress I’ve seen looks great, really sums up the narrative.

And now my leg is better I’ll be busking in a week or so, which means I have a bit of extra pocket money.

All good.



Dealer No. 1 – free kindle download

A YA book about drugs, dreams and dead-end families, Dealer No. 1 is on free Kindle download 14-18 February.  It’s also available in print, but that’ll cost ya.

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all change

Well, not quite all, but I asked Lucas to update my site a bit. Prune the old, dark stuff that doesn’t work very well, and also to put in some stuff that I never take credit for (written under a pen name) but that is really quite good and very readable.

I used to be a teacher, and my life as a teacher is featured in two books, both of which are in print, links in the novel/teaching section. Or click on the highlighted words.

I decided to really knuckle down with the writing this year – after 6 months of an injured leg I’m beginning to feel better and I’m ready to break out of these self-imposed chains. I have a lot to complete this year and I’m looking forward to the change up.

I’ve got a few short stories to add too, and I’m thinking of how to make them available in print.

some mistake


Some wise person said that when you’re old you regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.


I’ve got a list of things I still want to do, and quite a few mistakes I’d be happy to repeat.





Text Transformations

One of my best collections. 50 pages of stories, myths and fables, retold and reimagined in short-story form.

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possessive contraction


I wrote an email this morning and after I’d sent it I realised that I’d used your instead of you’re.







That old thing. 

I was a child to the world and he was ardent in his attention, that was all, no more to it than that, no need to make a drama. I was just the latest in a string, it was the thrill of the chase, and I was chaste, and he was a most immoderate, mercurial lover.

So they told me.

The letter got through; Daddy intervened: the whole affair was annulled, cousin Ben got the goods.

And I was sent here, where I bloomed and withered in turn, and from which vantage, out of habit, I look back through long, dusty decades to pure love.

My only love.


No happy dagger for me.