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Julien Trent

Amongst my other duties, I’ve been using the lockdown time to work on my new thing, and have got to page 14 of the first draft. That’s not a huge number, but the plan is to write series of novellas of perhaps 80-100 pages max (and create a series of 7 books) so 14 pages is a good chunk of the first book.

I’ve planned it in detail too, so it won’t need much restructuring.

It’s turning out darker than I expected, more downbeat, so I’ll need to steer against that current a little, but I’m pleased with it.

Being a series, I won’t need to explain everything in the first story, I can let it develop. Metaphorically, it’s a 7-part, 30-minute TV series, not a single 120 minute movie. The protagonist is a free-climber and professional thief called Julien Trent.

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