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reasons to be cheerful

Sadie, my cheap chinese soprano sax is a little wayward, tuning-wise, and it’s quite light and flimsy, but it’s very flimsiness means it vibrates sympathetically. I’ve played top-end Yamahas and they’re built like girders, but they’re not lively or responsive, they’re actually quite inert by comparison. I’ve played Sadie more than any of the other sopranos I’ve owned.

Price doesn’t always equate to quality but even when it does, that doesn’t mean you’re going to enjoy the quality or that you’ll hate the cheap stuff. The best pair of jeans I ever owned was a no-name brand I bought from a charity shop. The best car I owned had rattly doors and a cheap plastic interior (though to be fair, it was an Impreza). My favourite wine is a Californian red that I buy from Sainsbury’s for £5 a bottle.

Quality is nice, but a high price isn’t a precondition of satisfaction.

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