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The Establishment exists in various forms across society. In art it is ‘the academy’ and the academy celebrates whatever is current and proper to celebrate. It does not allow dissent, unless it is pre-approved dissent, with specific pre-approved targets.

In politics it is the same, and because of the ongoing hangover from the cultural revolution of the 60s, we currently have a ruling elite who believe they’re part of the rebel-alliance, while every day acting like Imperial Stormtroopers.

Dogma exists.

Zealots prosecute their dogmatic beliefs with enthusiasm, because they know they are right. The dogma tells them they are right. Persecuting heretics proves they are right. Currently the Establishment is enabling zealots and cheer-leading their witch-hunts, but we all know what feeding the crocodile leads to. Eventually, no matter how hard you adhere to the dogma, no matter your enthusiastic and zealous record of persecuting heretics, it’s your turn in the jaws.

Do not be a zealot.

If you find yourself reaching for your pitchfork, ready to join a crowd chasing down a heretic, if you find yourself strapping someone into the ducking stool, if you find yourself tempted to stand up and point a finger, perhaps ask yourself first if you are without sin.

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