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Still amazed by the inaccuracy of YT advertising – football, gambling, Britbox and doorbells – these are the four things constantly pushed in my direction by the computer geniuses who are paid to create programs that identify what I might be interested in buying.

I’m currently in the market for a new road bike, and urban tyres for my mountain bikes. At some point I might buy a new motorbike too. I read books avidly. I have an injured knee that affects my ability to do certain exercises. I love music. I enjoy history, archery, podcasts, judo, and I like tanks. I’m left-handed, and a vegetarian. I own a dog (or, I suspect, he owns me). I eat lo-carb food. These are things I’m interested in.

I’ve never watched football, I don’t gamble, I don’t own a BBC licence, and have never owned a doorbell (I own a dog). Yet these are the products I’m targeted with.

Seriously, YT, if you’re still planning to take over the world, first improve your algorithms.

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