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change your mind

I’m a typical product of the end result of the protestant reformation, I adhere to no church or organisation: I’m not religious.

But I do like the idea that if you want to change, you can. The Roman church calls it repentance, but it’s simpler than that. It’s just a matter of saying, ‘I’ll stop doing this, I’ll start doing that.’

I wrote about it once. Here:



Mark ‘E’ Everett, the main-man from the band Eels, said of his album Souljacker that the theme was like the feeling you might get if you’d accidentally left your soul behind in a hotel, only to get a call saying that they’d found it, and could you come and collect it?

I don’t think I’ve heard a more right-brained description of anything.

state of grace

Tonight I stood in the doorway of Scorpio on Saddler Street in Durham, playing my sax, busking. I played for about 90 minutes.

There were moments when, looking down toward the Elvet Bridge, seeing the lights glittering in shop windows, people walking by, students carrying wine and dressed in Hallowe’en disguises, I felt I was catching a glimpse of something magical. And I was providing a soundtrack.

Saddler Street is well over a thousand years old, the Norman castle and cathedral at the top barely younger, even the cobbles are ancient; Elvet Bridge is young at eight hundred years old. The narrow buildings and multi-paned glass windows, the strange outfits and the air of odd rightness made me feel like I was busking in Diagon alley.

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I watched a few Cary Grant movies from the 50s and 60s the last couple of weeks: to Catch a Thief, an Affair to Remember and Indiscreet. I love the acting, and the scripts are smart and funny, but my favourite movie featuring Grant is His Girl Friday, which has some of the most entertaining dialogue I’ve ever heard.

HGF even features a variation on the “It’ll do til the real one comes along” meme that pops up everywhere in movies and TV (and I intend to use at some point).

It’s put me in the mood for some Tracy/Hepburn.



Recently, I’ve set aside old conversations, dismantled old paradigms and jettisoned out-of-date baggage. Creativity and a clear mind benefits from striving for less, rather than endlessly attempting to achieve more.

It’s not perfect, and I’ll continue to make mistakes in my choices and decisions and behaviours, but life’s direction grows simpler, more wholesome.




I glanced at a picture of Albert Einstein a moment ago and for some reason my brain told me it was Doctor Who. Obviously not, I told myself a moment later, Einstein is not the Doctor.

Then I thought, hmmm…or is he?


Either way, here’s Albert with the last word:








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