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Still amazed by the inaccuracy of YT advertising – football, gambling, Britbox and doorbells – these are the four things constantly pushed in my direction by the computer geniuses who are paid to create programs that identify what I might be interested in buying.

I’m currently in the market for a new road bike, and urban tyres for my mountain bikes. At some point I might buy a new motorbike too. I read books avidly. I have an injured knee that affects my ability to do certain exercises. I love music. I enjoy history, archery, podcasts, judo, and I like tanks. I’m left-handed, and a vegetarian. I own a dog (or, I suspect, he owns me). I eat lo-carb food. These are things I’m interested in.

I’ve never watched football, I don’t gamble, I don’t own a BBC licence, and have never owned a doorbell (I own a dog). Yet these are the products I’m targeted with.

Seriously, YT, if you’re still planning to take over the world, first improve your algorithms.


At about four this afternoon, when the sun was just above the horizon, about to set, the light had a honey glow about it, and everything the light touched was touched by honey.

We’re surrounded by everyday wonder.


Chatting with Jamie, swapping songs back and forth, and I told him this is my favourite track by Tricky.

little dragon

Jamie sent me a link to this, which is a lovely tune with an excellent video, but I was struck by the style of singing from Yukimi Nagano, sort of little-girl, warbly, back-of-the-throat, which has become the singing style (though, to be fair, this track is 11 years old).

First time I ever heard that sort of singing was on Tricky’s version of Black Steel, featuring the brilliant Martina Topley-Bird. It wasn’t a style back then, but it has become one since.

Around the same time, Jeff Beck was featuring Imogen Heap on this track, singing in a much older, ballsier, bluesy style that I guess comes, sort-of, from singers like Janis Joplin. Maybe not as raucous as JJ, but definitely from the same lineage.

I dunno which I prefer, but I am reminded of this style of singing, which at one time was also the preferred style of singing. And almost, like the style at the very top of this entry.


I dunno, I like it all.





Said this the other day but it’s worth repeating – it’s mid-November, and the beach near where I live is busier than I’ve ever known it. Obviously it’s lockdown-related, people are forced to stay in except for work or exercise, so they’re ‘exercising’, and those on furlough are ‘exercising’ too.

But really it’s not exercise, it’s just a different form of socialisation. As I walked down the beach today I got into three unbidden conversations with total strangers. All three conversations were good-humoured and friendly. Like I’d bumped into an old-friend.



I need to edit a piece of writing down by about a third, to make it tighter but also to make the structure correct. While mentally searching for a key, and not writing, to be fair, I was watching Dash and Lily on Netflix and there’s a part where Lily is dancing and she’s wearing red boots and I thought, yeah, boots.

In my story the character is wearing bright blue Doctor Martens, and I suddenly realised that was the key, the way in.



Sending my New Year greetings in the early hours of 1st January 2020, I kept using the word auspicious, as in, ‘this will be an auspicious year.’

Bloody hell.

I wasn’t right.


I think it’s important to recognise you don’t get to say it all. And you don’t always get to say it well.

But you get to say it.



Working on Spenderella, and the theme that is emerging is kintsugi – the art of precious scars.

The idea that you can take a broken thing and remake it even more beautiful.

It isn’t what I set out to write about, and it’s emerging slowly, but there’s something in that theme that is the spine of the story.

2nd 50

I sent in a short story to 50 word. It didn’t get published. I sent off a second 50 word story.

Which did.