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When Does the Heart Rest?

The revised edition of this collection of short stories is available for free kindle download from 11-15 Match.  Click the image for link:


The problem with being called James Ross is that there are so many other writers with the same name. Amazon has a page with a list of my current books, but some of them are linked to other writers who share my name.

One of these James Ross’ writes books on golf, which is fine, but my new book Jago, a DYA novel, is linked to his page.

Which is a tad annoying. I’m in touch with Amazon to sort it out.

Actually, the Amazon page is a bit outdated and I really need to sort it out.

Jago – free download

My new book JAGO is available for free download on kindle, til 8th March.

It’s the first of a YA trilogy about a girl who escapes from a dystopian future to arrive here, now, and how she responds to this world of safety and light and plenty.

Download/buy a copy and give it a review. Or buy a print copy. Click the image for link to Amazon.


I’ve been offered a well-paying job til the summer.


Trying my best to avoid it.

read it

After years of avoiding most media platforms I almost found myself signing up to reddit today.

The moment passed and I picked up a book instead.


It struck me that life is full of plot holes.


Typically, I found myself with sitting in a Macdonalds with three or more hours to spare yesterday, so I decided to work on a story I’ve begun before Christmas – Spenderella, a Mark Barrett novella. It’s only half done, and I’m in a frame of mind to leave it along with everything else for the foreseeable, but I had time on my hands…

…so, two Macdonalds* later I’ve got the first half well-sorted, but no idea how to complete it. So it’s going to stay on the back burner for a good while longer.



* you get fined if you park in MaccyDs for more than ninety minutes, no matter how much food and drink you buy, so I drive across to another one to save myself having to pay £50 to a car park company.



I’ve completed my tidying up of my work, save for one replacement cover for which I’m waiting for a design. It’s been fun, and it has been quicker than I thought it would be. I thought it would take until April but it’s barely March and it’s done.

Think I’ll award myself a holiday.


Tutoring today: Alnwick, Blyth and Ashington.

I get to all the best places.

They asked me to do one in Wooler, which is way up in the sticks, but that’d mean a full day’s driving just to do an hour’s tutoring, so I said no.



The weather is improving and it’s a good time to think about busking again. I was at a gig on Saturday, just watching, and I got offered a job as sax player, there and then.

Thankfully, I didn’t have Miyagi with me, or I’d have found it hard to say no. No more bands for me, busking only. It’s direct.