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Mark Barrett is owner and sole employee of NQA Courier Services. Delivering packages across Europe, he works in that grey area somewhere between almost and legal. After a date with a beautiful woman goes badly wrong he ends up in the police cells. The following morning his bail is paid by disgraced EU Commissioner Jack Maundy, who offers him a job: to hand-deliver three packages to three people in three European cities in five days. The packages are Maundy’s insurance policy, in advance of his going to trial on charges of embezzling 81 billion Euros.

An easy job, Maundy tells Mark, but one that needs doing quickly and Barrett, a disgraced former Army Helicopter pilot, has the necessary skills and experience to get the job done properly.

What could go wrong?



urban pastoral coverUrban Pastoral

John Gabriel puts together a wrecking crew with the intention of destroying just about everyone and everything – he’s going to burn the city to the ground. But then the crew begins to turn on itself…

Urban Pastoral is a meditation on violence, nihilism, and random conversation.







Girl meets boy: boy is psycho killer









The follow-up to Grendel.

How should a psycho-killer’s ex-girlfriend react when he turns up ten years after she helped him kill a whole bunch of people?

What has he been doing for the past decade, and why has he returned?






the baptist wordThe Baptist

A small town hotel manager meets an Archangel who’s searching for a demon-driven serial killer.