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There are so many media platforms that the idea of committing solely to long-form* written texts as the focus of my creative output might seem perverse. I’m not hugely successful and don’t expect to be, I’m not on FB or Twitter, I don’t have an instagram account or a YT channel, I’m not on radio or TV, I don’t make films or lifestyle podcasts, I don’t game, I don’t collaborate. I don’t even listen to advice on the most sure way to become successful (genre fiction, apparently).

All I do is write stories.

It’s a bit like being a stonemason in a world built from concrete and glass.



* I don’t write short stories any more. I was faced with a choice some years ago. Long. Short. I chose long.



Formally began my edit of Jago today, c/o the work done for me by online college and pal Kelli, of EPCC.

Should be finished it a little bit quicker than I thought, maybe a week to ten days. I’ll do a minimum of an hour a day, I’m not sure my brain can cope with more than that. Then I’ll need to re-format to ensure it fits the Amazon template.

All good.


That’s not to say the easy choice is the right choice. But as a sage said:

Easy is right.

Do it right, and it’s easy.



On a lighter note, when I’m faced with a series of tough jobs, I always start small, doing the easy or small job first, just to get me going. And once I have momentum, I move on up to the bigger jobs.

I learned this technique when I taught myself to play free-cell – the card game that you used to get on PCs back in the 90s. Sometimes you had to make a move, but were unsure which move to make. Make the easy move.


wax off

I stopped getting into fights by my mid-20s. I was stupid for getting into trouble, couldn’t find a way to back down, but when I met my girl she said, get into another fight and I’ll leave you. So I stopped.

One of the last encounters I had though, was with three bodybuilders outside of a gym which was next to a rehearsal room I used. These guys had been taking turns to beat up the locals. Maybe it was my turn in the barrel but, whatever the stupid reason, it all kicked off and I didn’t come out of it well. I ended up in casualty, my left eye was just about closed, I couldn’t quite close my jaw properly and I had a badly swollen left arm where one of them had hit me with a plank of wood. So I thought I’d better get checked out.

When I spoke to the receptionist at casualty she asked, ‘What happened to you?’ and as I glanced around the waiting room I saw the three guys I’d had a fight with. ‘They happened to me.’

‘The one I the middle has a concussion, a possible fractured skull,’ she told me as I filled out the forms. ‘What happened to him?’

‘I did,’ I told her.

I went over to chat to them and one of them jeered, ‘We did you in.’

‘I’m still standing,’ I said. And I was. The main guy I’d been fighting with, before his friends jumped in to help, he sat with his head in his hands, looking a bit out of it. I’d hit him with an exhaust pipe, repeatedly.

I went and sat somewhere else.

I didn’t win that fight. We just fought to a standstill. No one came out of it covered in glory. I had a hairline fracture of my arm and a puncture wound too, because the plank had a nail embedded in it. A dislocated jaw where the other friend hit me with a brick*. My eye was closed shut for a fortnight. I didn’t feel good.

But those three never went back to the gym. They stopped beating up my friends. The main guy kept on beating up people, but not near the gym or the rehearsal room. I had one fight after that, then I met my girl. So I stopped.

Why am I talking about this? I had some news today that made me unhappy, and the mood I have now is the same one I had as I sat alone in casualty, waiting for an x-ray. Ferocious gloom.


*If you’ve never witnessed a real streetfight, it’s not like you see in the movies. It happens about ten times as fast, with one tenth of the skill, it’s nasty, brutal, and the fighters employ whatever comes to hand. I’m so very glad I stopped all that nonsense.



I’ve edited two of the texts that needed doing (though haven’t transferred the details to the electronic manuscript yet), and have only to do a complete edit of Jago and then I’m done. But I’m stalling, it’s a big job and it’s not particularly fun…

But I know when I’m going to start.


Looking through my bookshelves I discovered books that I’d bought last year on spec for presents, including an old copy of Cannery Row, two different prints of Post Office, and The Sunset Limited, a play by Cormac McCarthy.

And others.

But maybe not just for Christmas. TSL is for John’s birthday, which is in October. I might give PO to two of the breakfast club members, though I’m not sure who. It’s Jackson’s birthday in six days so I should maybe think of something for him.


This year, as has been my habit over the last few years, everyone is getting books for Christmas. In northumberland there’s a great bookshop called Barter Books, but there’s also a bookshop a few miles from me on the north bank of the Tyne called Keel Row, so I might take the ferry across and pay it a visit.

Better start writing my presents-for list. Got three months, which is long enough.


I started editing 2 weeks early because, what else am I supposed to do? And though it’s getting done, for some reason it’s a bit of grind.

But it will only end well.


Having said all that about editing next month, I find myself with two free weeks so I might begin editing tomorrow.

Why not.

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