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Just discovered that a guy called Arthur Zwidzinski has made a film of Zippo. This is the second filmed version that I’ve seen, and I enjoyed the twist he’s put at the end, which supplies an answer not in the original story, and isn’t that far from what I envisaged.

See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8kdnyNuFE8

It’s a totally different take on the story from the version made by Norwegian Faisal Osman, which was shown recently at some European film festival and is mooted to appear at some others. See the still from Faisal’s version (right).
There must be something about that story that people like, because it’s gone viral. I sometimes google my story titles and I’ve found it dotted around on sites all over the world.


There’s an American film maker called Linzi Knight (or is she Canadian?) who was thinking of filming one of my stories, and I’m hoping she still will. I’ve seen some of her stuff, and it’s excellent. Her background is in TV commercials, but then so was Ridley Scott’s, before he made Alien, the Duellists and Blade Runner.

I don’t mind someone filming or reprinting my stories, so long as I get 1% of gross, or a blueberry muffin, whichever is of greater value.

It’s all good, I reckon.


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