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apologies for an angry sky *

I don’t believe in stopping doing stuff in order to take pictures of what I’m doing and, anyway, I broke my good camera, and the one on my phone is pretty crap. About 48 pixels, I’m guessing.

But I saw this perfect rainbow yesterday evening. The photograph doesn’t do it justice; I really needed a wide angled lens to show the complete half circle of coloured light that hung above me (and, like some sort of skyquake, the rainbow was shadowed by smaller aftershock rainbows at either side).

I’d been for a walk along the clifftops and got caught in a rainshower. The sun was sitting on the horizon, blazing across the fields at eye level, warming me, but the clouds were above my head and dumping their rain onto my zipped-up hoody.

The result of this confusion of weathers, sunlight and showers, was a perfect rainbow, sitting across the waves about a quarter mile out to sea.

(*my apologies to Sylvia Voirol for the mis-quote)

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