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on lying

It’s easy to tell the truth, you just say what you said, or what you think, or you say what you’ve done. And then you can sleep peacefully at night. You can look people in the eye. You can be confident of the ground on which you stand.

And it’s easy to live the truth. You choose the honest actions, you respond truthfully, you act in a way that won’t shame you in the eyes of others. You don’t do things that you might feel the need to hide. You stand tall.

But I don’t find the truth easy.

I dissemble. I hide. I hold back. I don’t lie but, doubting myself, I doubt every word I say, and every decision I make. So I hedge my bets. Smiling, I give away the vault, keeping the key snug in my pocket. I fight my corner the only way I know.

Lishman told me that fiction is truth, and I sort of stole that phrase for my website, because fiction is the nearest I get to telling the truth.

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