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Love Shack

Lishman emailed me some photos of the cold-water shack he’s living in with his girl Jesse. (See left). It’s at the south-eastern edge of the Pyrenees, somewhere near Barcelona. More than that, he’s not telling anyone.

The ‘shack’ seems to be a bit nicer than how he described it, but he’s sticking to his story that there are wild boar roaming the streets.

I don’t know what his plans are, but I’m guessing they’ll be cool. I’m hoping he’ll start up the ‘Lishman Diaries’ blog again http://barcelonadiary-lishman.blogspot.com/ but I don’t know if his apartment cat, Kitler, has moved into the countryside with him.
Kitler was a big feature in the Lishman Diaries. In fact I’d go as far as saying that amongst the conspiracies, social whirl and occasional day’s honest work described in his blog, Kitler was the star. Without Kitler, it wouldn’t be the same.

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