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whatever you get is what you want it to be

Been lurching between dismay and exhilaration today; paying the rent gets in the way of everything I love and everything I want to do, and sometimes it overwhelms me and puts me on a total downer.

But chatting with friends and people who love me makes it ok. And tonight I went for a run too, which was great.

I stopped running a couple of years ago because I kept getting injuries, and started walking instead. But tonight I pulled on my old adidas runners and just went for it. Ran fast, down to the beach, along the promenade and back. Just a couple of miles, and it felt great.

And back here in my kitchen, drinking tea, chatting with pals (but needing a shower quite badly), I’m listening to Calvin Harris, whose music is extremely uplifting and whose lyric I borrowed for the title of this post.

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