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fogged in

Went for a walk along the clifftops tonight, in the fog; quite eerie.

I don’t know if fog dampens away the breeze, or if you need an absence of wind to have really heavy fog, but the air wasn’t moving at all, and the fog hung in curtains and thick ropes.

The slightly deadened noise of the waves crashing softly onto the rocks was both comforting and other-worldly. Loved it. Felt like I was floating, not walking. And all the world was asleep, except me.

Returned to the real world an hour later, got back to my cold and damp house, switched on the sputtering central heating system, dug Starlight complaining from beneath the old quilt in the spare bedroom, fed her, and now she’s lying in front of the fire asleep.

I don’t think she’s going out tonight (her decision, not mine). Neither am I. Instead, I’m deciding which bottle of cheap red wine to drink first.
It’s all good.

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