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The Road

Braved the snow tonight and went to the cinema to watch The Road.

The cinema was so quiet that I managed to find a parking space right outside. In the multiplex I bought a ticket, didn’t bother with any nachos or coke, and padded my way along to Screen 10, where there were three couples, me, and about two hundred empty seats, all ready to watch the movie.

Then we all sat through forty minutes of adverts and trailers.

I’ve been a fan of Cormac McCarthy since I read Blood Meridian, his novel about scalp hunters in 1840’s New Mexico, and I really enjoyed No Country For Old Men last year so I was looking forward to seeing the latest film of one of his novels.

It turned out that this more like the book than any film I’ve ever seen. They switched from a third person narrator to first, and missed out a couple of really unpleasant moments, but essentially the film was as close to the book as you can get.

Like the book, the film was powerful, and I’d forgotten how moving it was too. One of the couple sitting in front of me was sniffling. Don’t know if it was the man or the woman. So was I.

It wasn’t quite as grim as the novel, but it was close. I always thought of the ending as being uplifting, but someone told me they thought it was sinister, like the kid might be heading for a sticky end.

I disagree. The kid’s carrying the fire.

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