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a good walk spoiled

My man Wilson invited me on a walking expedition this weekend, with him and Ivan. It sounded really good and I was looking forward to a bit of a mish with the lads, but then on Thursday I got whacked sideways by some sort of norovirus/vomiting bug, which was, officially, Not good.

I spent two days running between bedroom and bathroom, purging myself. Starlight stayed away from me at first, coming upstairs only to whine for her meals, and cat-food never smells good when you’re in the middle of a vomiting session, but after about a half a day she deigned to lie on the bed next to me, purring. And she’s been there pretty much ever since.

Anyhow, I was woken about eight this morning when the postman delivered a book from Amazon, signed for it and went into the kitchen to make a breakfast of coffee and rich tea biscuits; I was feeling washed out but pretty much back to normal.

Need a bath and a shave. First though, I gotta feed the cat. Then I’ll open the package and see which book has been delivered.

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