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lost chords

The other thing that has stopped me writing the last week or two is that I’ve been playing some gigs with a local band, Thelonious Punk, who sort of do exactly what it says on the tin.

I play a number of musical instruments, fairly badly, but with lots of enthusiasm, and the last time I jammed with these guys, I was playing soprano saxophone. But that’s on loan to Emo-san and he’s living somewhere down in Clerkenwell, and I forget where; anyway they asked me to play guitar this time.

Ralph, the alto player, suggested I play tenor sax in future, but in the absence of a keyboard player or until we find another guitarist, it’s me doing the chords. Although I’m left-handed, I play orthodox, and it’s all back to front.

It kills me, playing guitar orthodox, it gives me migraines, but it’s the way I learned.

So anyway, over the last fortnight I did two or three fairly chaotic performances with T-Punk, playing an oddball selection of jazz standards, heavy metal covers, and movie themes, and I have one more set to do on Wednesday.

Then it’s back to writing.

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