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An email from Jonathan asking me about In Country which his teacher had read aloud to the class and, apparently made an error about the characters.

He wrote:  “I really need you to confirm that this is a first person story and that they don’t mention Danny’s fathers name in the story.” Yes. You’re right. And you’re right that Derek is the removal man, not the father.

Jonathan finished by saying  “When I tried to explain aloud to the class she laughed and everyone thought I was crazy. I really need you to respond and prove on of us right. Thanks.”

I was quite impressed that he’d gone right to the source for confirmation of his theory; pretty decent research that, I reckon. Maybe we’ll see your name appearing as creative director or primary researcher on some HBO documentary in the near-mid future, Jonathan. Who knows?

But having said that, everyone knows that English teachers are a bit random, and in literature two plus two doesn’t always equal four (even Shakespeare never spelled his name the same way twice) so cut The Miss some slack on this one, Jonny.

Hey, she read you one of my stories, so she’s got my vote!

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