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Some excellent news on the horizon though: my day job agreed to give me a four-day week. This is probably more to do with the fact they’re over-staffed than anything else but, well, that’s still absolutely fine by me. It means I get more time to write.

In fact it changes the whole balance of my life; I’m not ambitious, have no desire for promotion or anything, and while I’m fairly good at what I do, I only do it to pay the rent, so getting a three day weekend, every weekend, is shifting my world toward the positive end of the scale.

Plus my holidays are arriving soon.

Andwith the new pc/mac/whatever I buy next week, I should be able to launch FrontLip by August. Get on and complete Grendel. Complete some new short stories

So, apart from being even more broke than I am now, it’s all good.

I’m off to open the wine. Yaay!!

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