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Everyone’s a critic

Here are three readers’ comments about The Card – taken from East of the Web:

“I absolutely loved this story. it just amazes me how
you can use this light almost innocent tone and hide
behind it such a great amount of misery. i guess that a
lot of the people who left negative comments about
your style didn’t get that it ought to be that way,
owing to the fact that your narrator most probably
comes from a poor country. i didn’t know that “In
Country” is written by you too. you just amaze me.”

with love from Egypt, Maha
“It was a not bad story… Maybe you need to re write it a little and fix the grammer.”
“More brooding, depressing writing… This crap isn’t good, so stop saying it is. There’s no intrigue, not thought, just a negative way of looking at things.”

haha – it’s all good. 

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