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Writing Monday

Today is my first writing Monday.

I finally managed to negotiate a 4-day-week, and am now enjoying a three-day weekend, of which I’ve set aside Mondays for writing. This will have a double benefit, I reckon; I’ll have more time to write and, writing more, I’ll be able to think about it less when I’m doing other stuff.

Got off to a flying start over the weekend by creating a short story for Margot Peck’s blog – you should be able to read it here at some time in the near future. I came across Margot’s blog by chance and thought I’d like to write something for her; this ended up being a short story called The Flower Seller.

Like a lot of my stuff, it doesn’t have an ‘ending’ as such. That could be seen as a stylistic thing or just a bad habit. In my defence, it’s exactly how I want it to be; I try to write my stories as though the reader has opened the door on someone’s life – they get to watch for a bit, before the door closes again.

Anyhow, off for a clifftop walk now, then going to come back, feed the cat, start writing.

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