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My neighbour Alfy suggested we nip up to Scotland and cycle the West Highland Way. Two days of mud, grit and pedals. In Scotland. In October.

Great, I said. let’s do it. At least there’ll be no midges, that late in the year.

Then I googled it, youtubed it, and generally checked it out. And I began to panic. Well, a lot, actually. So tonight I went round to his and we had a chat and agreed that perhaps three days would be more do-able. He’d had the same idea.

So I’ll be living on my bike for the next few weeks to try and get some bike-fitness into my system. I’ve been doing an hour a day of cycling this last week, getting up early to put in 10-15 miles, and am going to inject some longer rides.

The Devil’s Staircase looks like fun. Gotta practice my bunny-hop. And my judo-rolls for when I come off the bike, which will happen, no doubt.

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