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Sitting here writing and an explosion went off by my left ear. I mean a REALLY BLOODY LOUD BANG! The TV flashed red but was otherwise ok.

Went outside to see Charlie standing at the door in her PJs. She’d seen it too. People were coming to windows, front doors, and everyone seemed excited.

It was a flash of lightning. It must have went off about twenty feet above the house. I can’t explain how shocking and impressively loud it was.

As there are about six inches of snow outside, and it’s still falling, this seemed a peculiar, incongruous, thing to occur.

The weather is crazy.

post-script: the air still felt really charged after I wrote the above, and I was aware of the irony of my being blown up by a lightning blast while writing about it, so I went in the other room for a while to read. m back now, but think I’ll log off.

The new website is coming on: just need to get some images sorted and buy a name for it.

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