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Talking of wolf-moons: the word month comes from the word moon. A moon’th: a┬áperiod of time based on the orbit of the moon, which is about 29.5 days. But the moon is less important to us now that we have electric light and cars in which to travel.

I went for an overnight hike once with my man Wilson. We walked for hours up and across the steep moors between two valleys. We missed the trig point by about a mile and a half, and after a couple of hours walking we weren’t sure of our exact position or direction; as we checked the map,┬áboth our head-torches went out at the same time leaving us in almost complete darkness.
This was probably due to buying cheap batteries, but at the time it was a bit spooky.

Could have done with a moon right then, but it was misty.

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