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Monthly Archives: March 2013


The sea was rougher today than I’ve ever seen it, crashing over the pier, spray rising above the lighthouse, waves rolling toward the beaches and the sea walls in a tumbling, ugly grey wall of power and furious energy.

The photo on the right doesn’t quite do it justice, but thanks to Ivan for the pic. My phone is in the shop getting fixed and Charlie couldn’t find her camera to loan me.


something for the future

Kotes lives on a settlement near the north bank of Lake Morena, a two day walk into San Diego. The settlement consists of about thirty families, spread across three small valleys, plus assorted individuals, indigents and orphans.

Kotes is an orphan. She’s almost 15.

No one calls her Kotes, apart from Jester, who has permission. Everyone else uses her full name and title.


One of my comfort-zones, a literary tic if you like, is to take a well known story or myth and rewrite it from a different perspective.

My own take on the myth of Persephone is here. It never seemed to me that she was abducted, more that she was seduced, and that every year she goes willingly to the halls of shadows. And I thought it likely that Hades has upgraded from a chariot to a 7-Series.

It’s really cold tonight and snowing lightly. Still winter. I thought this story would be appropriate.

Janey’s room

Summer before last I went down to look at William and Jane Morris’ Red House, in Bexleyheath. Made it there just before they closed for the day and spent an enjoyable hour wandering about. The house is quietly spectacular, the garden is lovely but, strangely, the Morris marital bedroom is very small.

I’ve written a few short stories based on the Morris-Burden-Rossetti love triangle; they were self-indulgent, exotic and, in Rossetti’s case, certifiable.

Here’s a view of the garden at Red House from just outside the Morris bedroom door.

Spring forward

Woke at 5.20 and got up, drove over to my sister’s house and went for a bracing six am walk with her along the sea front. The moon was still hanging in the sky but the sun was rising, the tide was high, the temperature was hovering around zero and the streetlamps were just beginning to switch off.

They say Spring begins on 21st March. For me, it began this morning.