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Dealer No. 1

Got a message from Esma, one of Carin Klock’s former pupils the other day.

I’d been working with Carin’s English class as I wrote the first draft of a book and sending them the chapters as they were completed, for the class to critically dissect. As it happened, Carin moved schools before we finished the project and I got onto something else and I never completed the final two sections of the book. I’ve got about five or six almost-competed manuscripts lying around, and this one just joined the pile.

However, on the same day I got the email from Esma I was also contacted by a Scandinavian publisher of educational text-books asking if they could use part of that very same story in one of their books.

I figured that this was life’s way of telling me to finish what I’d started.

The first part of the book – Dealer No. 1 – is here: The rest will be completed in draft form very soon. I’ve set everything else aside to in order to complete it.

Which reminds me, I’ll have to contact the publisher to give them my details…

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