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Monthly Archives: March 2014


My migraines are cycling three and four times a day, it’s getting so I can’t write. The inside of my head feels like a furnace. Every morning the same – nightmares, wake to lights, pain a while later.

Then repeat.

And the drugs don’t work.
Note: I have to edit the commercial book over the next few weeks. More drugs then.

Further note: If you had a back problem, you’d maybe do back exercises to make the¬†problem not be there. I wonder what exercises I can do to make my migraines not be there.


I keep reading that I’m an American writer, but I’m not, I’m English. Well, to be accurate, Anglo/Scot – a mix of Highlanders, Islanders and border thieves.

There is an American writer with the same name, and sometimes I read his quotes or biblio alongside my stories. Which is disconcerting.


Fear is the price you pay; disquiet.


But for that you get to create stuff that didn’t exist before: people, places, and events that wouldn’t exist without you. And sometimes you fall in love with the characters you’ve created: Mickey, Kaska, St. Claire, Angel Speed. And Babe, of course.

You feel a responsibility to them.

So now, I have to go back and honour my responsibility to those people. I have books to write. I must write until I die.

(there, said it)


Have to do a redraft on a commercial book I’m busy completing, but I’m getting ¬†almost constant migraines, have done for the last few weeks. Not good.

Not productive.

Nothing is getting done.

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