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Saturdays, I like to go and busk on the green outside the minster near where I live. It’s not the best place to earn money, there aren’t enough passers-by, but on a sunny day, like today, it’s a lovely gig. I was using my old tenor; it’s a lowly base model yamaha, competent, but that’s all. The mouthpiece however, is exceptional. It’s an SR Tech model that I had widened a little, with a gorgeous tone, all throaty and dark.

After the busking I met J and the Old Man for a pot of tea and the vicar, a young guy with long hair and a mountain bike, complimented my playing, asked if I’d play when the wedding that was about to take place came back out of the church. Sadly I didn’t have time to wait ’til the end of the wedding ceremony.

Maybe next time.

I can’t write at the moment. It’s brewing but it’s not quite there. When I do start again it’ll be on an industrial scale; I’ll write until I’m done.

But until then the busking will have to be my creative outlet.

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